Our Equipment

Our state-of-the-art, multi-sensory room is designed to stimulate imagination, build confidence and encourage safe play. Let us help you discover play with purpose in a calming environment with led lighting, ball pool, bubble tubes and so much more. These rooms are designed to help clinician planning and deliver effective care provision by identifying methods of engagement pertinent to the individual. Below is a list of equipment that we currently have in the room. In conjunction with the Multi-Sensory Room, we have an Observation Room for parents, guardians or health professional to watch children or clients engage with equipment and others through a one-way window.

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Bubble Tube

The bubble tube plays a vital role in sensory development as it stimulates the visual system, facilitating the ability to track bubbles and objects. The constant effects of colour change are helpful to promote colour recognition and visual perception, while simply gazing at the colourful tube can create a relaxing feeling. The interactive bubble includes a wireless switch that allows you to choose from seven bright, vivid colours and elect to stop and start the bubbles flowing in the column as desired. Press any of the coloured buttons to make the bubble tube change colour. Colours include red, yellow, green, blue, orange, cyan and magenta.


The Fanlite is a spectacular resource that encourages vocalisation, communication and helps develop fundamental cause and effect skills. You can whistle, shout, sing into the microphone, clap your hands or stamp your feet – any noise will bring the fanlite to life. The fanlite can be adjusted to show different light displays and has a range of interactive settings.

Ball Pit With Mirror Roof

This is no ordinary ball pit! The LED lights illuminate the clear balls to create a stunning visual effect. We encourage you to lay down in the ball pit, relax and look up; you will see yourself in the mirror as you gaze at the beautiful array of lights.

The Den

The Den provides a darkened, quiet, sensory space where you can crawl into and relax while discovering a world of twinkling LED lights.

Tactile Panel, Sensory Lane

Tactile Panel

This exciting wooden board is designed to maximise visual and tactile stimulation for people of all ages. The air balls, coloured wooden balls and ball tube are ideal for motion and colour work. While the spirals, clatter balls and chains provide auditory and visual stimulation. Hard and soft textured panels and spikey balls provide enjoyable tactile sensations to explore, and the shaped mirrors are designed to aid communication awareness. The balls are collected from the collection tray below the panel and can be placed in the tunnels.

Heated Waterbed

The waterbed is a heated water mattress that gives total, even support, moulding to the shape of the body and promoting relaxation. The heater ensures the water mattress stays at the desired temperature.


This truly multi-functional swing provides the sensory input individuals need to calm and organise their bodies. The individual can climb in the swing, stretch out and move around inside the swing. The swing encourages body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills. The stretchy, heavy-duty fabric provides sensory pressure all over and creates a fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or simply lie motionless while enjoying the movement. As the weight limit for the swing is 55kg, unfortunately, this is only available for children.

LED Magnetic Wall

The magnetic wall encourages individuals to use their imagination by increasing creativity, promoting problem-solving skills, colour recognition and visual-spatial reasoning. The LEDs allow for different combinations of light for fun and education, while the Magnetic Connetix tiles can assist with developing motor skills, creativity and shape recognition.
Ceiling Hoist, Sensory Lane

Ceiling Hoist

This patient lifting equipment allows anyone who requires mobility assistance to access our sensory room and enjoy everything this room has to offer. Hoist users must provide their own sling and have a competent, fully trained person with them to use the hoist.