About Sensory Lane

Discover a World of Wonder and let your senses run wild at Sensory Lane. Our state-of-the-art, multi-sensory room is designed to stimulate imagination, build confidence and encourage safe play. Let us help you discover play with purpose in a calming environment with led lighting, ball pool, bubble tubes and so much more. These rooms are designed to help clinician planning and deliver effective care provision by identifying methods of engagement pertinent to the individual.

We have a heart to care for those who are always caring.

We understand that caring for a child with additional needs can be challenging. As the primary carer, you may also need care, assistance and the occasional time out. When you come to Sensory Lane, our heart is that you will experience a space where you feel value and support. We equip the professional to do what they do best by providing therapy sessions , all while you can treat yourself to some quality time at our adjoining cafe, The Ninth Ave.

Our heart is that into the future, Sensory Lane will be open for families and the community to enjoy together.

sensory lane, multi-sensory room melbourne
multi-sensory room melbourne

What are multi-sensory rooms?

People with additional needs are very aware of their surroundings. Sounds and sights can be both triggering and overwhelming, resulting in anxiety and negative reactions that are traumatic for both the person and their family.

For many multi-sensory rooms can be healing, calming and positively stimulating.

Who can benefit from Sensory Lane?

Sensory Lane is for everyone, there are no restrictions in terms of age or ability. Multi-sensory rooms have been found to be beneficial for those with disabilities and additional needs including those with emotional and behavioural difficulties or mental health problems or disorders.

Multi-sensory room environments transcend populations with their extraordinary flexibility and wide application to all needs.

sensory lane, multi-sensory room melbourne

The Sensory Lane Space

The Sensory Room is a multi-sensory room designed to stimulate imagination, build confidence, and encourage safe play. The room includes padded flooring, a waterbed, bubble tube, swing, sensory den, and a range of different equipment and resources. The room can be used for the exclusive use of one therapist/carer/teacher/parent with one child/adult or used for a group. The ideal room occupancy number is 5-6 people. A total of 10 people is allowed in the Sensory Room at any one time; however, this number may be reduced due to individual abilities, needs, risks, and requirements. The size of the room is 45sqm.

The room is set up with soft padding on floors enabling users to explore without fear of falling or danger. This builds confidence in those with additional needs.

Including a ball pool, water bed, swing, bubble tubes, interactive sounds and lighting. UV lighting, textures and fiber optic light panels or strands provide safe interactivity with light, enabling users to explore a vast world of sights, textures and sounds.

Specialised switches for most of the above equipment to give control to the client.

Hoisting is also available throughout the room for those in need of extra assistance.

Other facilities available at Sensory Lane

sensory lane, multi-sensory room melbourne

Observation Room

A very generous observational space for parents or guardians to observe their child/ren through a one-way window as they interact with the teacher/health professional in the Sensory Room. This room can also be used for clinic space, support groups, meetings, or multi-purpose space. This room has a TV, heater/air-conditioner, adjustable lighting, and block-out blinds. The Observation Room space is 31m2 and great for small groups of people (approx. 8- 10).
sensory room, multi-sensory room melbourne

Program Room

The Program Room can be used as an additional breakout room for support groups, meetings, or multi-purpose space. This room includes access to a child bathroom and a separate sink. This room has a TV, air-conditioner/heater access, and adjustable lighting. It is a larger room, covering 45m2 and can accommodate approx. 20 individuals.
sensory room, multi-sensory room melbourne

Reception Area

This area includes a reception desk and waiting area for parents/clients/participants with access to a projector, TV screen, heater/air-conditioner.
the ninth ave cafe


Available to users is The Ninth Ave Cafe. A fully serviced café to relax in while your child is in respite care. Accessible toilets are right near the multi-sensory room as well.